Driftwood Wooden Hot Tubs

Driftwood wooden hot tubs are manufactured in Cornwall, made of UK sourced high quality larch wood and equipped with sea water resistant internal or external wood burners made of aluminium. The tub comes in three designs, “Ovale”, “Quadrato”, “Tondo” (Oval, Square and Round, all detailed below), all of which consist of a handcrafted wooden tub and wood-fired stove.Wood hot tub general image 1

Basically it is just up to taste which heater you choose. The internal furnace is a bit more efficient compared to the external furnace but takes space of about two seating places. The internal stove is separated from the bathing area by a wooden fence, which serves the dual purpose of protecting the stove and bathers alike, and wood is simply fed into the unit from the top.

External heaters are slightly more expensive but do not take up any internal space. Externally located heaters eliminate any risk of injury while bathing. An external stove is easier to keep clean and empty of ashes without any risk of contaminating the water but take a little longer to heat the water up.

Larch is valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities. Larch has highly ecological and environmental aspects. Because of its density and richness of the tar and resin larch is a very durable material for outdoor use, even without additional finishing. Thanks to its high resin content, Larch can be used in its natural form. The resin is distributed very evenly between the fibres of the wood, which has an antiseptic effect, protecting it against moisture and insects. The timber is naturally very durable and is resistant to rot when in contact with the ground.


Ofuro benefits the mind and the body all year around. Baths are therapeutic and you just need to adjust the temperature to obtain the desired effect and enjoy the health benefits.

FromTemperature range 100ºF to 104ºF – Hot
These temperatures are perfect to relieve muscle pain, especially after a hard workout at the gym. This hot bath must be short, because it has an extremely relaxing and sedative effect. The bath is also indicated for people with insomnia, but you must be careful since hot baths reduce your blood pressure.

From 99ºF to 102ºF – Warm
Baths at these temperatures relieve tension, stress and physical or mental fatigue after a hard day at work. Your body can relax and get ready for an excellent night of sleep.

From 84ºF to 97ºF – Lukewarm
At anytime of the day ten minutes of immersion in water at 97ºF helps you relieve physical fatigue. This bath is invigorating and stimulates the organism to eliminate toxins.

From 55ºF to 84ºF – Cold
These temperatures provide you a refreshing bath that invigorates your metabolism and skin. Since it is stimulating, its use is indicated before undertaking a marathon of physical activities at home or at the gym. A very cold bath helps improve your immune system, but it is not indicated for people with heart problems or high blood pressure.


People with high blood pressure, vascular problems, insensitivity due to neurological impairment or heart problems, are advised to consult a doctor before using Ofuro.

If you are pregnant or if you experience any adverse effects, you are also advised to consult your doctor.

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